Test and Commission

In order to maintain high safety standards, electrical testing should be carried out periodically. For businesses, electrical testing is compulsory for Health and Safety purposes, and evidence of testing must be documented in line with legal requirements.

NICEIC Testing

At J Givvons Electrical we will carry out full testing of components and accessories, motors and starters, switch gear and distribution panels, control systems and components, and luminaries, all to the latest industry standards.

Tests we carry out include:

  • Insulation resistance
  • Pressure tests
  • Polarity and phase-sequencing
  • Operation of protective equipment
  • Functional operation of control circuits
  • Components and equipment
  • Emergency lighting tests


Adjustments, repairs, replacements and refurbishment of electrical equipment as necessary can then be carried out as part of planned maintenance work, or as part of non-routine, preventative work.


Certification to document the inspection tests and commissioning can then be issued to confirm your legislation and health and safety compliance.