Environmental Policy

J Givvons Electrical Limited cares about sustainable development and we are committed to meeting our ethical responsibilities. We employ the following environmental policy in our operations:

  1. We intend, wherever possible, to make continual, measurable progress in our environmental performance and to reduce our environmental impact, whilst maintaining the viability of our company.
  2. Minimise the use (J Givvons Electrical Limited or its Contractors) of certain specified environmentally damaging products where an alternative product or method is available.  These products are as follows:
    • ozone depleting chemicals.
    • pesticides on the UK ‘Red List’ and EC ‘Black List’
  3. Reduce the purchasing of new products by cutting down on waste and repairing or re-using existing products.
  4. Specify products which are made from recycled materials: can be recycled or re-used: can be operated in an energy efficient manner: can cause minimal damage to the environment in their production, distribution, use and disposal, so long as the requirements of value for money and quality are met.
  5. We will work with our Contractors and Suppliers to help them improve their environmental performance and offer environmentally friendly solutions where possible. We ensure that, when working for J Givvons Electrical Limited, suppliers adopt equivalent environmental standards.
  6. We will aim to provide environmental training for all employees of J Givvons Electrical Limited.
  7. We will ensure that all J Givvons Electrical Limited operations and activities carried out comply with or exceed all statutory environmental requirements.
  8. We will establish and maintain detailed policies and guidelines for products with a significant environmental impact.